Will Weldon

Will Weldon is a comedian from Canada, a country you may recognize from any map and/or atlas of the world. Now residing in Los Angeles, he goes on stage and either complains about or mock things around him, often to laughter! He’s also appeared in a number of tiny roles on television and in commercials, and generally enjoys not taking things too seriously. So relax, bro!




Will Weldon

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Posted 5 days 20 hours ago by Will Weldon.
The following toys may not be actively trying to kill you, but that doesn’t mean you’d want them in your house. Check out these ugly-ass toys....
Posted 1 week 1 day ago by Will Weldon.
You know what Twitter has been great for? Memes. Man, so many great memes, y’know? But Twitter has a much more mixed record with Direct Messaging....
Posted 1 week 2 days ago by Will Weldon.
Twitter can be fun, but more often it is insanely annoying. Why are we all still on it? Who knows! Almost no one on there seems to be enjoying...
Posted 1 week 5 days ago by Will Weldon.
Sometimes good people die, and sometimes people who totally suck die. We all die! And it's no different with fast food. Over the years, many new fast...
Posted 2 weeks 14 hours ago by Will Weldon.
Living in America means you most likely need a car to get to work. It’s a big, wide open country, and we didn’t have enough sense to stress mass...
Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago by Will Weldon.
What percentage of movie fight scenes are actually compelling? Maybe 25? 30 percent? While most are mediocre, some are just truly terrible. It’s not...
Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago by Will Weldon.
Disney is an ever-present beast that will one day consume us all. No amount of humorous observations can save us. All future politicians will have...