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1. Smosh (proper noun)
2. smosh (verb)
3. smosh (adjective)

Main Entry: Smosh

Pronunciation: \'smaash\

Function: Proper noun

Etymology: Perhaps a blend of smack, smash, mosh and smush

Date: ca. 2002

1. Of or pertaining to the activities of Anthony Padilla and/or Ian Hecox (aka Smosh). See also Smosh.com. "Dude, I just saw the most coolest Smosh video on Smosh!"

2. The action of smoshing. To smosh. The act of making, viewing, and/or congregating around content with like-minded individuals. "Honey, I need to talk to you about our son Billy, he's spending all of his time smoshing and I am becoming quite concerned."

3. Really, really, really good. "How is that macaroni and cheese?" "It's smoshing!" Also in the negative: "She is so not smosh."

Anthony Padilla,

aka. Tony Padilla, Pat Anthony, And the Knee Puddy-ya, P. Antoine and A-Dizzle

b. 9/16/87 d.

Anthony Padilla is one half the duo known as Smosh. He is sometimes referred to as the taller or more handsome one. By all accounts, Padilla led a normal life until age 12 when a chance meeting with Ian Hecox took him down a dangerous path. Padilla is known for his agility and grace. In spite of his size, his t-shirt size is small. Padilla may be armed and was last seen in Los Angeles, California.

Ian Hecox,

aka. Lan, Ian Hecocks, Ian the Blade and I-Dog.

b. 11/30/87 d.

Ian Hecox is the other half of the duo known as Smosh. He is sometimes referred to as the shorter, smarter, more devious, dangerous and funnier one. Hecox has a genius level IQ which he rarely puts to good use. He is a serous body builder and a runner-up in the '98 Mr. Universe event. Hecox is wildly unpredictable and should not be approached. Though strangely coincidental, Hecox also wears a small t-shirt and was last seen in Carmichael, California in the company of his mother.